My Summer 2017 Style Bucket List

Most of us have heard of if not created some sort of bucket list. Be it visiting exotic locations or some sort of grand adventure like skydiving or hiking the Pacific Crest trail. But have you ever thought about creating a Seasonal Style Bucket list? It doesn’t need to be anything over-the-top extravagant or expensive, but a selection of outfits or accessories that you have been wanting to wear but hadn’t had the confidence or the motivation for.  This past winter I put together a list of things I potentially wanted to wear. Here are a few items from my ‘Summer 2017 Style Bucket List.’

Ankle/ ”invisible” socks:

I have been very hesitant to wear either of these – But as I wear trousers year round, the idea of ‘exposing’ my legs/ankles is not only a foreign idea but also an uncomfortable one. This summer I am going to be very intentional about wearing them as often as possible – when and where acceptable.


It has been several years since I have worn shorts outside of anything sport related. Whether due to a lack of confidence, or interest, shorts have gradually disappeared from my wardrobe. * In addition, I have never liked how my legs look in shorts But with warmer weather and a desire to improve my casual wardrobe, I am going to give them another try.

Short Sleeve Button up shirts:

I am wary of wearing short sleeve button ups any time of year as the sleeves are often quite wide and bulky and don’t flatter. In addition, they often give the appearance of a work uniform. However, with the right ‘print’ or ‘pattern’ I think they might lend themselves well to a casual summer style.


Stay tuned for another Style bucket list post when I revisit at the end of the summer. In the mean time, while the idea of putting on winter clothing may be unbearable, start thinking about a few Cold Weather items you’d like to try when the weather changes. . .













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