The Wedding Suit Workout

Fashion and Fitness go hand in hand. No, I am not referring to fitness clothing as fashion – I am referring to the need to be fit – to exercise, in order to maintain one’s personal appearance and in turn, style. I have really been struggling with this over the past few years.

Married life is wonderful – but not without its stresses. And my wife is an incredible cook – so that can certainly bring about a change in wardrobe. And I am also a parent. I love being a father but it takes a great deal of time and is also not without its stresses.

I have really struggled with exercising and in most cases have made excuses as to why I could not or would not get out and run or cycle.  Today I put aside the excuses and went for a run. It wasn’t a great distance and it was awkward. I felt very clumsy on my feet and my legs wanted to give out within the first few laps. But I did it. And tomorrow I’ll be out there running again.

Find and Follow me on YouTube for more: First day back on the track

Day 02:

Another day on the track. I was able to run twice the distance I did yesterday – which is great – but my legs are burning. It is a good burn, I know. I added music to today’s workout. Amazing what music will do for one’s motivation.

Day 03:

Another good run this morning. Not as far or long, but still positive progress. Legs are not as sore – still fighting to get up the steps each day though – looking forward to that post-workout burn no longer being an issue.

Day 04:

Starting to find my rhythm. Feeling like I am building some positive momentum as well. Still feel as though I am carrying around a ten-pound bag of potatoes on my shoulders though.



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