Twelve Strategies For Thrift Store Shopping

Thrift Stores are a great place to find Rare or Vintage items, Name Brand Bargains, and an inexpensive way to Try Out a New Style. Here are Twelve Strategies I use when Shopping for Second Hand and Vintage Clothing.

  1. Give yourself a specific time limit in which to shop. Consider the size of the store. If you haven’t found anything within that allotted time, chances are good that you won’t or you’ll end up buying something you don’t really want or need.
  2. Wear shoes and clothing that you can easily change out of.
  3. Wear socks and underclothes that are suitable for trying on all types of Shoes and clothing.
  4. Where possible, find a door or window with a natural light source so as to see the garments true colour. Most stores use florescent lighting which tends to lean towards blue or yellow hues and can dramatically change the way you see the colour.
  5. Be sure to look for heavy wear in these areas  – under the arms, inseam, shirt and trouser cuffs, shirt collar, other seams, button holes, pockets etc.
  6. When buying an item consider the following: Does this item Add anything to my wardrobe? Do I have similar items already?
  7. Check zippers – Are there any missing teeth? Is the zipper pull there? Does the zipper stay up?
  8. Check buttons: Are all the buttons there? Are they broken or chipped? If so, can you replace the buttons inexpensively?
  9. Check tags for cleaning instructions – If Available – Dry clean only garments Will require more investment then a garment that can be cleaned at home.
  10. When buying ties: Look for quality fabrics such as wool and silk. Check for stains, moth holes, snags etc.
  11. Don’t trust thrift store sizing tags. Always try the clothing on.
  12. Always check clothing for smoke, pet and body odour etc.

Have I missed Anything That Should Be On This List? Feel Free To Add In The Comments.


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  1. Christina says:

    13. If you’re considering something, don’t leave it on the rack…put it in your cart. Consider it again as you look at what else you picked up and if you still like it after some time has passed. (Plus, you’ll never find it on the racks again.)
    14. Be open to what you may find instead of looking for something specific.
    15. Accept that there will be days you find nothing and days where you find a lot more than you were planning to get. Go with it.
    16. Notice patterns of what you buy but later don’t wear. Try really hard not to keep repeating them!
    17. Certain brands really are better quality. It’s important when buying second hand to buy quality items that will wear well. (Cause let’s face it, second hand clothes have already had their best days.) Two that I’ll mention are Ann Taylor (beautifully tailored compared to most women’s clothing) and Banana Republic.

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    1. These are all great additions. Thank you, Christina.


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