Today’s Details

I was pretty excited when this outfit came together. . . more so considering it is largely made up of charity shop finds. The hat, gloves, and pocket watch excluded.

  • Hat: Grey Beaver Brand Wool Felt Homburg – New: John Helmer Haberdasher.
  • Shirt: Brown and White Check with contrasting White Collar and French Cuff – New: Fortino Landi.
  • Jacket: Grey, Brown, and Blue Three Button Wool Herringbone with Blue Suede Contrast Collar – Used – No Maker label.
  • Waistcoat: Navy Blue Five Button Poly with Silk Back – Used: No Maker Lable.
  • Tie: Red Silk/Poly Blend – Used: Hanover Street Tie Works Ltd.
  • Gloves: Caramel Leather – New: No Maker Lable.
  • Umbrella Cane: Black with Faux Bamboo Handle – Used: No Maker Lable.
  • Pocket Watch: Silver Open Face – New Royal London.
  • Pocket Watch Chain and Fob: Silver with Faux Amethyst – Upcycled Material: my1928



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